Godfather duties.

I am going to check out guitar centre so I can get an acoustic guitar for my nephew. I was surprised to find that he’s all grown up and already in freshman high school.

I was teased by my cousin and her husband about neglecting my godfather duties to my nephew. I haven’t seen them in two years because they moved out of town. It was a poor excuse for being a neglectful godfather, I know, but I was really busy at work and there was no way I could trek six to eight hours out of town at the drop of a hat and go back and forth that easily.

Anyway, the acoustic guitar will be a belated two Christmas gifts from me.

Turning Japanese!


I’ve been eating a lot of sushi at work lately. It’s the fastest meal that I can eat when I am busy at work and I am very busy every single day for the past six weeks!

I am handling a sensitive project at work and my boss bluntly told me that my promotion is heavily reliant on the success of the project. Can you imagine the pressure it brought to my life? But I am doing my best and the process is truly exciting for me.

I just wish I won’t turn Japanese one of these days from eating too much sushi. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Sweaty hands.

I used to have this problem about sweaty hands. I don’t know how it came about but I have to thank my Mom for helping me get rid of it. Sweaty hands are something that is embarrassing especially when you have to shake another person’s hands. My Mom made sure to read about the benefits of magnetic bracelets and let me know about it. And then she made me try wearing one.

And you know what? It worked! I stopped having sweaty hands. I stopped getting embarrassed when I had to hold another person’s hands.

The girl next door.

I am amused with the girl next door. She’s been dropping hints about wanting to see me and her ways of doing so are such fun when you think about it. Can you imagine how she would ‘accidentally’ bumped into me in the elevator. She also has ‘extra’ food in her place all the time, thus the need to give me some of it. One time, I saw cheap sexy panties on my doorstep. I knew it was hers!

I know that I have to talk to her one of these days. I don’t really like having someone ‘stalk’ me or be infatuated with me that way. One of these days, when I am not too busy anymore, I will talk to her and tell her in not so many words that I would love to be friends. Nothing more.

March is here.

And I am hoping that this month will be really good to me.
I’ve have so many things planned for this month not only for work but also for my personal life.
I haven’t seen my friends in a long while due to work.
I am also absent in most special occasions in the family for the past month.
So I am planning to make up for all of it.

March, please be good to me!

Made her choice

I am proud to tell you this story about my friend Shelly who made a choice between a life of easy work and a life of a hardworking nurse. She chose the latter.

You see, Shelly comes from a very rich family. She is being given a position in her father’s company to be one of his assistants. Basically, she will schedule appointments for her dad, will accompany him to some meetings with clients, and just look like the boss’ daughter. That’s it! Pretty easy, if you ask me. But Shelly’s always wanted to become a medical volunteer. She may not have the brains to become a doctor but she has the patience to become a medical assistant. She talked to her dad and asked him to give her the liberty to do what she’s always wanted to do, which is to go do charitable works.

How many people do you know who will choose to throw away an easy life to do good deeds all over the world?

More on blogging…

I changed this blog’s theme in preparation for 2014. You know I have this goal for next year: I want to do better in blogging. I realized that I have so much to thank for in this “past time” I developed over the years. I keep taking blogging for granted because I am more focused on my nine to five. That’s just fine, of course, but I also have to keep in mind that blogging is giving me not only a side income but also an outlet to vent my frustrations in life.

I want to become more active on blogging. I plan to post something about technology at least once a week. I also plan to post something about work at least once a week as well. And another on automobiles. I love cars! I used to be such a machine enthusiast with my cousin Pete. It took a backseat because, again, I focused more on work. I want to bring that back here in my blog.

Expect more good things to come in this blog of mine. It will live up to its title of The Dailies because I will also post popular news stories here.

With you…

sleep together

I think I’m falling in love again.
I saw her and it made me think of all those things, the little ones, that can make you feel warm all over and tender at the same time.
I’ve talked to her countless of times.
But it’s only last week, when she thought nobody was looking and she’s smiling over the book she’s reading, that I truly saw her.
I approached her, sat down in front of her, and it took me minutes before I finally got her attention.

She’s beautiful, I belatedly realized. Her smile is contagious. And she’s got the most wonderful weirdness when it comes to books.

I think I’m in love!