Dad’s plans for 2015.

My Dad has two big plans that are very important, according to him, this coming 2015. First, he plans to finish this coming year, his last one as a corporate rat, and by the end of the year, he will be retiring. He said that he and Mom will be taking 2016 off and will travel as much as they can. Eventually, he is planning on retiring outside the city with Mom and will just go back to the city when necessary. Second, he plans to build a six-door apartment a block away from the ancestral house. It will be his and Mom’s source of income after he retires.

I agree with both plans especially the first one since Dad’s already sixty six years old and he deserves a quiet life now that my sister and I are both leading stable lives. For the second plan, I volunteered to assist him in the construction of his apartment. But as for getting tenants, I told him better check Tenantify which is offering a service on tenant verification. I don’t want my Dad having a problem with collecting rental payments from his tenants. Encountering a problem with one is bad enough already, what more with six tenants. That would be a disaster waiting to happen! I told Dad it is best to check the background of every tenant just to be sure. He agree with me.

This is the same advice I am going to give all landlords out there. Check every information given to you by tenants. Don’t take everything as true. You need to verify to be sure. For your own peace of mind, get Tenantify to verify a tenant before letting him get into an agreement with you. Lessen the hassle and headache of interacting with a troublesome tenant. Verify through Tenantify!

Temper problem.

I feel so darn bad that I flared up again. I always do this when I am tired. I get cranky. I get testy. And then I flare up! It’s a bad habit of mine that I am trying for so many months now to put under control. For the most part, I feel like I’ve gained the upper hand in this temper problem of mine. But there are times when I could not keep it under control and would find myself about to explode. If I can still calm myself down, I do it. Last night, though, was tough for me.

I yanked her off the floor because she’s being boorish and a brat again. I made snide comments about his egging us to be angry over her bratty behavior. Instead of the night ending good for all of us, we all went to bed feeling dejected and hurt over what happened. And I feel terrible over the comments I said. I feel so bad about it that my head’s pounding until now.

We could all use an inch more of patience, I tell you. And I do hope that one of these days, we will be on that place where we could stop ourselves when we feel on the brink of a meltdown.

Rebel no more!


With the pressures of society in each and every one of us, can you blame a cousin of mine for thinking that music is his sanity? And I do believe that it is! He’s been embroiled in one trouble after another when he was younger and before he discovered his passion for a FG 730s acoustic guitar. When he did, he slowly turned his life around.

It was astounding, if you know him personally! He’s been a rebel through and through but when he changed, he began attending counseling sessions and eventually became a youth counselor himself.

Marry that girl…

marry me

I’ve been thinking about it more and more in each passing day. It’s still fresh, new, but thoughts of tying the knot and spending the rest of my life with her have been in my mind for weeks now. I don’t want to appear too eager and impulsive but is it really a crime to want something and plan for it ahead of time?

Maybe, next year. Early in 2015. But I will talk to my parents first. I will open my heart to them and to my sister. They need to know first and then I will make a final decision about it.

And then I will talk to her about it.

Tummy in seventh heaven!

Today should be a lazy day for me since it is Thanksgiving celebrations in the office. Calls are far and few between, that’s for sure based on experience, so I thought I’d ask my Mom to make me chocolate chip banana pancakes for breakfast…


And she did!

My tummy is in seventh heaven right this very moment! I know that for people in this country it’s already time to sleep and way past dinner but this time of the day is just breakfast for me due to my working hours. After breakfast, I have to check out the black lights that my Dad was telling me about last weekend. He said that a godson of his wanted that this coming Christmas and since he hasn’t seen him since the godson was in his teens, he thought he’d make it up to him with a pricier holiday gift and a day of golf with the guy.

Today is good!

Use of imagination.


I will always be grateful to my parents for making me use my imagination when I was still very young. They let me play and imagine that I was a hero about to save the world with the toys they bought me then. They also read me stories which made me dream of adventures with other kids my age.

When I was a bit older, they let me read comic books and classics. I was able to create in my mind whole new worlds filled with adventures and great people and happiness. They also brought me to their trips here and abroad. Those trips made me use my imagination even more once we were home.

I am grateful to my parents for my use of imagination, then and now.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Determined to have fun.

Why stress yourself out if you can have fun while also making use of your creative skills? Have fun with your wedding flowers by applying for DIY skills to it! Bloominous is confident that with each package you get comes fun and easy experiences with DIY flowers.


Let me share a personal experience here. My cousin Pia got married a couple of months back. She was a very stressed out bride because she wanted to stick with rules she made for the wedding as well as the budget she and her groom agreed upon. Cousins including me pitched in to help but I guess since it was her wedding, she was still stressed out. When elders talked to her, she realized that she was missing out on enjoying the experience of preparing her own wedding. She vowed to have fun! She was so determined that it immediately lightened the load on her shoulders.

Bloominous wants brides not to be burdened with floral arrangement problems. Like my cousin Pia, brides should enjoy the experience of preparing their weddings. Pick option DIY flowers and get ready to have fun!