What kids taught me.


Having two kids in the family is such a joy. Whenever I get to visit my sister, I learn a thing or two from my nephew and niece. Just by playing with them, watching their favorite cartoons, and most especially while talking to them.

You will be amazed at how many things you will learn about life from a little kid.


Choices in life

choices in life

We all have choices in life. We are made with our own free will and whatever happens to us, it is a product of a choice we made.

I don’t like people who blame others for their misfortune. I don’t like those people who depend on others for their fortune. It is our life to live and the choices are always there for us.

I hope you get my drift.

Singing the blues away!

Trent, one my college buddies, knocked on my door already drunk. He was carrying his acoustic guitars, the ones we would play when me and some of our other college buddies are hanging out at his place. He was still coherent but from his smell and his eyes, I knew that he probably already drunk quite a bit.

love music

He told me that he and his girlfriend broke up. I just shook my head when I heard it. It was what their nth time to break up?!? I told him that it will probably just be a day or so and they will be back together. But he wanted to vent his anger over what happened so I let him be. He sang his blues away!

Two days after, I got a call from him. Yes, they got back together!


Keep on moving forward.

keep on stepping

Sometimes, I admit it, I need to be reminded to keep on moving forward.
I need to be reminded that the Lord has great plans for me and I just need to keep my faith.
I need to trust and let Him work his wondrous ways.

So now I am reminded. And I am keeping this in mind.

Happy 8th month of the year to everyone!

Godfather duties.

I am going to check out guitar centre so I can get an acoustic guitar for my nephew. I was surprised to find that he’s all grown up and already in freshman high school.

I was teased by my cousin and her husband about neglecting my godfather duties to my nephew. I haven’t seen them in two years because they moved out of town. It was a poor excuse for being a neglectful godfather, I know, but I was really busy at work and there was no way I could trek six to eight hours out of town at the drop of a hat and go back and forth that easily.

Anyway, the acoustic guitar will be a belated two Christmas gifts from me.

Turning Japanese!


I’ve been eating a lot of sushi at work lately. It’s the fastest meal that I can eat when I am busy at work and I am very busy every single day for the past six weeks!

I am handling a sensitive project at work and my boss bluntly told me that my promotion is heavily reliant on the success of the project. Can you imagine the pressure it brought to my life? But I am doing my best and the process is truly exciting for me.

I just wish I won’t turn Japanese one of these days from eating too much sushi. Ha! Ha! Ha!